From concept to cash and beyond, PageLines DevCamp puts developers on the fast track to success. Whether your products are bound for the store, or just for a client, you'll learn only what you need to succeed. DevCamp provides exclusive tools and materials guaranteed to save you valuable time and money.

Camp Courses

PageLines DevCamp


Learn the syntax you'll need in order to write some kick ass sections, themes, and plugins.

PageLines DevCamp


Learn the basics of version control, and learn how to push updates to your users in one click.

PageLines DevCamp


Don't fret; you're going to learn only what you need to know in order to build amazing products.

PageLines DevCamp


Start with the most easiest of products to write complete with fully commented sample code.

PageLines DevCamp


Learn some basics on what makes a PageLines plugin, along with a skeleton plugin you can use.

PageLines DevCamp


Learn the approaches to theming in DMS along with a base theme you can use in your own projects.

camp kit

short Screencasts

Time is money, so these screencasts are kept very short and broken into several pieces. You'll learn how to do everything from your first PageLines Store product submission and build, to one-click deploys with Tower and Beanstalk. Learn only the things you'll need to know which puts you on the fast track to success.

Source Files

Your "camp-in-a-box" comes complete with all kinds of source code including a base section, base plugin, and base theme that you can plan your next products from. These files are heavily commented, and combined with the screencasts using the same files, you'll be well on your way to making hella bank.

Interactive Companion Guides

Each course has its own companion guide, which is kind of like a cliff notes version of the videos. These guides can have further examples that explain things in depth about a particular topic within the course.

ready made product art

After you build your product, you still need to design a store thumb and splash image. Gasp! What!? You're not a designer?! Don't worry. Your kid includes a few professionally designed art pieces that you can use for your own products (supplied with Sections/Plugins/Themes courses).

Camp at home from $25

Camp Leader

I wake up, make coffee, and walk 10 steps to my computer. I don't even get dressed. Sometimes I don't feel like working, so I don't. I really don't have to do anything at all, and I'll still get a few thousand dollars a month. We take vacations when we want to, and we live by the beat of our own drums. We

Nick Haskins

My name is Nick Haskins, and I work full-time developing products to sell through the PageLines Store. Within my first 10 months I was making nearly $5k a month from selling 30+ products in the store. I'm going teach you everything you need to know, so you too can live by the beat of your own drums, and be free.

camp words

I'm in love with PageLines DevCamp!. The videos are the perfect size to keep you focused while still showing you what your doing, why your doing it, and how the final result will output.

Mike Zielonka | PageLines Pro

This is exactly the type of thing that I was looking for! This is awesome, and I really can't wait to dig and get started with the courses!

Hildebrand Charles

Holy Smokes! This is on fire! This is so well thought out and really motivates you to get your ideas out of the paper, and into a real thing!

John Higginbottoms

Camp at home from $25

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